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  • 3X Latest original Payslip
  • PVA and Input copy
  • Original Confirmation Letter from the Employer & Work ID Cardy
  • Superannuation Statement & ID Card
  • Attached stamps in all documents
  • Provide loan history if you are a client of other Finance Company (Eg: Moni Plus)

Loan Forms

Loan Terms & Condition


Wantok Finance Limited (WFL) is a 100% nationally owned company playing the role of money lending business for people with money need in financial business sector of Papua New Guinea. WFL never do withdrawals and deposits, a function of commercial banks. Primary job is to provide loans to clients with immediate financial needs for schools fees, personal or social obligations.


  1. Applicant is required to completely fill the Wantok Finance Limited Loan Application form (WFLLFA) to be eligible for Loan.
  2. Applicant must thoroughly read the terms and condition as WFL never interferes with other personal financial dealings and associated issues after applied loan value/amount is paid into the nominated account.
  3. Account nominated must have correct name and account number. Written letter must be attached verifying the account nomination and be signed by WFL applicant.
  4.  WFL never accepts third party application lodgement(s) and if done, it is at applicant’ discretion and WFL is not liable.
  5. Before loan applied is paid WFL make confirmation contacts to verify the identity of the applicant. If identity verifications fail, WFL is at liberty to delay processing the application, unless and otherwise confirmed by the applicant.
  6.  WFL do not make change on the applied application form, only if requested by the loan borrowers to make it and if deemed relevant for the benefit of WFL and the applicant.
  7. The repayment rate set by WFL irrevocable and no applicant is permitted to make any change and if done it is illegal.
  8. In the event a client does not faithfully repay his/her Loan Balance, witness on the application form would repay all his/her outstanding loan balance.

Wantok Finance Limited

  1. WFL penalises loan borrowers with 50% default fees on a missed fortnightly repayment based on the calculated fortnights on the principal loan amount.
  2. Loan repayments ceases after principal and interest amount with the defaulted fees are fully paid, extending beyond the scheduled fortnights.
  3. WFL is liable to make necessary changes on repayment rate(s).
  4. The WFLLAF filled is irrevocable Authority and shall remain in force and effect without any variation until the loan is fully paid.
  5. In the event of leave, suspension, and termination, WFLLAF is irrevocable authority of all the entitlements and/or savings in consideration of the amount of monies owed to WFL, including penalties.
  6. WFL do its banking with Bank South Pacific and loan applicants are encouraged to nominate BSP account for the loan money deposit.
  7. If understood and accepted, thoroughly fill the WFLLAF for minimum loan amount of K500.00 and maximum of K10, 000.00 from 3 up to 26 fortnights on the provided repayment rate.

About Wantok Finance


Wantok Finance Limited is subsidiary company managed and operated by Kyakagen Group of Company incorporated as business on the 30th January 2002 under Company Acts 1997. This primarily focuses on financial lending in money needs to public servants, private individuals and corporate clients.

Our Core Values

We value total commitment to repayment, financial needs for all valued borrowers with quick service, income growth maximization to be reliable financial institution for all clients. 

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